Inflection Point Announces Merger with Apnatomy Consulting

Published on:
June 27, 2024

The merger reinforces a long-standing partnership and provides clients with the knowledge and experience of their shared resources.

Arlington, Texas—January 1, 2022—Inflection Point Consulting has merged with longtime collaborator Apnatomy Consulting to form a united company with twice the knowledge and experience.

The joined companies will now operate solely under the Apnatomy name moving forward, though this doesn't mean Inflection Point will become lost in the rebranding; clients can still expect the same high-quality solutions and tailored support that the company is known for.

Inflection Point founder Brian Jones expressed his excitement over the merger, stating, "Joining the team at Apnatomy will allow us to reach new customers and verticals to share our knowledge and experience in implementing ITSM, integrations and Agile practices. We’re very excited for what the future holds in our new partnership."

With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, Apnatomy will continue to establish itself as a leader in enterprise software solutions. The merger with Inflection Point and subsequent gain of knowledge and resources will further their success significantly.

“Apnatomy is excited to announce that it will be joining forces with Inflection Point to continue to serve our diverse clients with DevOps, ITSM, and R&D best practices,” states Apnatomy founder Jason White. “Over the years we have worked with so many great projects, programs, and centers to support their growth within the Atlassian tools. As you have grown, so have we, and I’m excited about the capabilities that we now have within our amazing team to support that partnership with our clients.”

With both companies working as Atlassian Silver Solution Partners, the merger between Inflection Point and Apnatomy will only confirm their status as experts when it comes to Atlassian software and tools.

About Apnatomy

Apnatomy has 20 years of experience delivering enterprise projects and software solutions large and small, ranging from data migration to team training. Its experienced staff can support onshore, nearshore, and offshore teams using Agile methodologies, delivering transparency and focused communication.

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