The Foundation for Federal IT Success

Published on:
February 21, 2024

To achieve IT modernization cost savings and efficiencies, agencies need a way to organize what needs to be done, develop and communicate a plan, and enable their teams to accomplish it…together. Atlassian’s integrated software framework provides a process of systematic innovation focused on four key areas: knowledge management, project management, software development and service desk support. Each Atlassian solution can be adapted to deliver components of each of the four areas to an agency project or workflow, bringing agencies the flexibility to collaborate, analyze and transform their operations and services.

The following use cases show the innovative ways agencies are using Atlassian software solutions to successfully transform their IT workflows within the four key areas:

Exascale Computing Project, Centralizing Knowledge Management

Apnatomy worked with the federal government to standardize and consolidate the outputs of 117 diverse project teams working on the next generation of government supercomputers developed in collaboration with teams from across government, academia and private entities.

The project began with zero users implementing Jira Software and Confluence to merge disparate systems, create standardized reports and automate processes wherever possible. The system has grown to include 800 end users, fully supported across four different applications. Teams share information in a centralized area with Hipchat, and automate processes through Jira Service Desk, ensuring a more efficient way to work.

Stratospheric Observation for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), Transforming Project Management

A Federal Agency needed to upgrade its legacy project management software to manage the Stratospheric Observation for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) project. The Agency Atlassian expert, who is now a Senior Atlassian Expert with Appnovation, was able to use Jira Software to coordinate multiple teams of users and stakeholders including government managers, German team members, national and international Universities, and contract IT workers. The project involved the largest airborne observatory in the world, using a Boeing 747SP equipped with an 8-foot telescope to collect, analyze and report on resulting data.

The team used Jira Software and BitBucket to coordinate workflows across different geographic regions and time zones. Confluence and Hipchat standardized communication and reporting project wide, and kept project data secure and accessible to applicable team members. The team automated and streamlined processes with applications hosted within the Atlassian Data Center to ensure system availability and redundancy.

Collaboration: Compiled data, insight and knowledge from 117 different project teams, and created an integrated status report for Senior Leadership.

Transformation: Fueled a culture change, leading to 100% acceptance and adoption of a modern, flexible infrastructure capable of coordinating across geographic regions and time zones.

Intuitive Software Development, Modernizing IT

A large Federal agency is currently using Atlassian to modernize its IT processes and systems. The project initially was to redevelop and integrate vital sections of the agency’s legacy system. A six person software development team accomplished the objective using Jira Software to track development workflows.

Through word of mouth, system adoption doubled year over year to 120,000 users that include all levels of technical ability and generational diversity. Jira Software has been scaled up to manage agency-wide HRM task management, inventory management, compliance task tracking, and operations management. With operations and DevOps under the same umbrella the team now has real time feedback from operations teams and across intra-agency participants and contributors. The team recently transitioned to the Atlassian Data Center, using the full stack of Atlassian apps, to provide increased agility, scalability and functionality.

Public Web Project, Boosting Service Desk Productivity

Isos Technology and Omnitec worked with a Federal agency to increase the capabilities of the Defense Public Web Service, which supports more than 750 military websites. The legacy help desk system was limited to 10,000 end users and didn’t provide feedback to support IT operation improvements.

Within five weeks, under tight time constraints, the Public Web program’s service desk was transformed under stringent security requirements to Atlassian’s easy to use customer-focused Jira Service desk. The team used Jira Software, Hipchat and Confluence to tear down stovepipes, open communication lines and improve overall synergy. The agency continues to increase its overall Atlassian footprint, using feedback from Jira Service desk to drive additional operational improvements. It is currently working on transitioning to the Atlassian Data Center to more effectively scale workflows to meet operational requirements.

Agility: Bridged the knowledge gap, allowing technical and non-technical users from various generations to work together via an easy to use, intuitive data display.

Efficiency: Increased overall IT productivity by 39%, and customer satisfaction by 10%.

Atlassian’s integrated software components can adapt to meet the unique requirements and constraints of any agency’s workflows. Jira Software is a project management tool that teams can use to model and formalize any process. Confluence has a content collaboration and documentation center that seamlessly integrates with Jira. Hipchat provides a private text and video chat service that lets team members share and stay connected while allowing conversations to be captured and documented throughout the Atlassian ecosystem. Enabling collaboration, transformation, agility and efficiency, Atlassian tools and structural framework are the starting point to Federal IT project success.


Atlassian provides the structural components that allow agencies to accomplish great things. Our mission is to unleash the potential in every team and help advance humanity through the power of software. To learn more, contact your Atlassian Solution Partner today.

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